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Making it easier for all of us to travel the road to Seniortopia (TM)






Dec 22, 2019

Decluttering, ageism, sharing economy, senior living housing for the rest of us and more on our one year anniversary episode!

2:15 Lesson 1: Keep an open mind

4:15 Lesson 2: Declutter

9:15 Lesson 3: Mind your health

12:15 Lesson 4: Fight ageism and value your elders

16:15 Lesson 5:  Get the shingles vaccine!


Dec 15, 2019

Building an "in-law" apartment; establishing boundaries when sharing living space; talking with your parents about moving in with you; hospice care at home; talking with family about dying; travelling gluten free; MORTALLS (a death-positive conversation game) and more on this Slice of Life episode with guest Elikqitie.


Dec 1, 2019

Creating affordable senior living alternatives; designing for people with dementia; the importance of shortening corridors and more  with guest Gene Guszkowski of AG Architecture. Book review:  How to Live Forever by Marc Freedman. 

1:45 Interview with Gene Guszkowski of AG Architecture

40:00 Book...