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May 16, 2019

Mary Sheridan (Executive Director of the Association of California Caregiver Resource Centers) on resources to help caregivers take care of themselves; Designing airports for the older traveler

2:30 Taking steps to assist older travelers

13:15 Mary Sheridan on the challenges of being a family caregiver, respite care, caring for someone with dementia, and apps to help caregivers

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Links to things mentioned in this episode:

Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA) was the original Caregiver Resource Center (CRC).  During the 1980’s the system expanded to include 10 additional CRCs.  Now, every county in California is covered by a regional CRC.

The Family Caretiver Alliance hosts the web page for all the CA CRCs: This page includes contact information for each CRC and the area that is covered by that CRC 

For caregiver support in the rest of the US:  Is an interactive tool that will let family caregivers find out what is available in their state.

FCA has many caregiving information sheets (called Fact Sheets on their website) in quite a few languages.  The most common language available (after English) is Spanish (32 fact sheets available in Spanish).   There are direct care videos in English and some in Spanish available on FCA’s website, too: .

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LACRC: (City and County of LA)

Twitter: @uscfcsc



Del Oro (covers Sacramento and surrounding counties): 

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