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Dec 22, 2019

Decluttering, ageism, sharing economy, senior living housing for the rest of us and more on our one year anniversary episode!

2:15 Lesson 1: Keep an open mind

4:15 Lesson 2: Declutter

9:15 Lesson 3: Mind your health

12:15 Lesson 4: Fight ageism and value your elders

16:15 Lesson 5:  Get the shingles vaccine!

17:40 Lesson 6: Prevent falls by working on balance

20:00 Lesson 7: Be aware of online dating scams

22:15 Lesson 8: Sharing economy & technology changing retirement

25:45 Lesson 9: Get ready to be a caregiver and navigate the health care system

33:15 Prediction 1: Senior living housing will continue to adapt to boomers & middle market seniors

38:15 Prediction 2: We will all need second careers

39:45 Prediction 3: Blue zones

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Links to things we mention on the show:

Ciara Beck, Dietician

Dan Buettner, Blue Zones 

Dr. Katharine Forth, Balance

Jules Hannaford, Online Dating Scams

Tom Fisher, Sharing Economy

Julie Whelan Capell, Caregiving

Mary Sheridan, Caregiving

Gene Guzskowski, Affordable Senior Housing

Al Bautch, Second Careers

Confronting Ageism